Friday, 21 October 2011


ASSALAMUALAIKUM.... many-many sorry to myself sebab lama sangat tak update blog sendiri (puiiii! to myself) huh... pathetic... is halfway always your habit?...don't be like that la me... okay-okay enough nagging like makcik-makcik.... TA-DA! actually there's a lot of things i wanted to express in my blog lately, unfortunately my lazy mood always hanging on my neck so i cant help it but to be lazy! Astaghfirullah...

To be honest, actually i like to write..ermm more to composing song and i have a few of my own songs.. But, i don't really have the courage to exposing them in public. So, now i decided to perpetuate my composition in my own blog! yeeehaw!.... Here's one of my latest poetry/lyrics or whatsoever...and there's plenty more that i'll post later... Feel free to comment (if you want to) =D oh yeah, i'll try to post the complete songs later (when i'm ready) so that you guys can hear it huhuhu...

I dedicate this not-so-poetic poetry to the girls out there. Remember, we are all beautiful and charming. But the most important thing is to have a beautiful HEART. Because that is the only thing that matter for Allah.


Oh you pretty, pretty face.
Walk like a model,
All eyes are on you,
What a persona.
Oh you pretty, pretty face,
What a persona,
You've got the brain,
But you don't have the aura.
Yeah you pretty, pretty face,
You don't have the aura,
Outside you are pretty,
Inside you're so ugly.
Dear oh dear, my pretty face,
Keep your price high,
Don't make it low,
What a waste when,
You're not so pretty anymore.
Honey - honey you're the beauty,
Fix your heart don't make it ugly,
Beauty of you is just a gift,
What will get paid is your heart only.
Oh you pretty, pretty face,
What a persona,
You've got the brain, 
And such beautiful aura.

by: adiox
15/9/2011 (10.50 a.m) 

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